Representatives of Austrian RCSC told about positive aspects of studying Russian at language forum in Vienna

First language forum named “Certificated testing and studying of foreign languages in Austrian Economic Universities” was held in Vienna’s University of Economics and Business.

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Heads of Universities’ Educational departments and other staff members from different countries, including France and Spain, attended the event. During the forum, Valentina Shavergina of Rossotrudnichestvo said that different specialists in economy point out the importance of studying Russian. Active cooperation of Austrian and Russian business structures became a motivating factor for studying languages of these countries. Confirmation of the level of proficiency in Russian should become compulsory for students studying economy, management, banking and tourist business.

In the course of the discussion, heads of language courses in the RCSC, Institute Français, Cervantes Institute presented the system of language skills testing, the current trends in certificated testing and the opportunities of cooperation with Austrian Economic Universities.

According to professors of Vienna’s University of Economics and Business, Russian is one of the most popular languages among students: 94,7% of students in 19 Austrian economic universities choose Spanish as an extra language to study, 89,5% choose Russian and 84,2% choose French.

RCSC and Vienna’s University of Economics and Business have been cooperating in the area of certificated testing for 6 years. During this time, more than 100 students have passed exams in Russian language. Opportunities of RCSC’s cooperation with other Austrian Federal lands’ universities were also discussed at the first language forum.

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