Head of the Russian Center in Krakow awarded with the Pushkin Medal

Helena Ples, head of the Russian Language and Culture Center (Russian Center) of the Krakow Pedagogical University named after the Commission of Public Education (Poland), was awarded with the Pushkin Medal.

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This honorable award was given to the Polish russist "for the merits in strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples, fruitful activities for the rapprochement and mutual enrichment of cultures of nations and nationalities."

Igor Zhukovsky, head of the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in the Republic of Poland, said: "We congratulate our distinguished colleague, who is a pleasure to interact with, on the deserved high award! The Russian center in Krakow Pedagogical University has a reputation of a highly professional and unusually creative place. This is the merit of the leader - Helena Ples. "

The Pushkin Medal is a state award of the Russian Federation. The decree on awarding Helena Ples was signed by the President of the Russian Federation on November 27, 2017.