In Cyprus translation into Greek of the multi-volume "Great Victory" is getting ready

Through the efforts of the Russian Embassy and the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Nicosia, the translation into the Greek language of the multi-volume edition of the Great Victory (edited by the rector of MGIMO-University of Russia, Academician A.V. Torkunov)

The team of translators and editors formed in the RCSC completed their work on the first chapter of the book, which tells about the most complicated and tragic vicissitudes of the political, diplomatic and military clashes of the Second World War that affected the destinies of all mankind.

This project is important, since in the multi-volume "Great Victory" a special attention is paid to attempts of politically motivated interpretation of the Second World War events and its results, often questioning the great deed of the peoples of the Soviet Union that brought the world liberation from fascism.

Head of the editorial team, spokesman for the Russian Center for Science and Culture Elpida Haralambus: "I as a person who identifies himself with both the Greek and the Russian world consider this work as a source of special pride and inspiration. "During the Second World War all peoples of the USSR, including Greeks and Cypriots, sacrificed their lives for the better future of mankind, fought against one enemy and together had the Victory, and I consider it very important to convey the truth about the role The Soviet Union, which took upon itself the main blow of the Nazi-fascist armada, to all the inhabitants of the Earth speaking the Greek language. I believe that through this work we will make a feasible contribution to perpetuating the memory of the deed of the peoples of the Soviet Union, the Cypriots, Greeks, other fraternal peoples, thanks to which today people all over the world can raise their children, live, dream, love, strive for new heights".

The work on the translation of the multi-volume "Great Victory" is carried out by the Embassy of Russia in Cyprus and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in the Republic of Cyprus with the support of the MGIMO-University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia within the framework of the Action Plan approved by the Russian Organizing Committee "Pobeda", chaired by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.