Russia and Austria hold the bilateral year of tourism

Russia and Austria signed a joint statement on holding the year of cross-tourism, which will be a continuation of the Russian-Austrian season 2013-2015 years.

The representatives of the Russian Ministry of Culture and Austrian the Ministry of Science, Research and Economics signed the joint statement of the cross-tourism year in Vienna.

The cross-tourism year is a continuation of the highly successful Russian-Austrian Cultural Season of 2013-2015 years. The aim of the project is to overcome the negative trends from the decay of bilateral tourism flows, develop new touristic products and destinations, decentralize tourism, which is now mainly concentrated on capitals and historical cultural centers, and promote regional destination.  The event should contribute to the development of direct interregional relations, attract foreign investment, and promote the World Cup 2018 cities.

“Nowadays, Russia is among the top ten countries by number of foreign tourists. Russian a favorable country for tourism Austria is historically among the most popular destinations of Russians. However, in the last two years, there was a decline of mutual tourist traffic between Russian and Austria. The Russian-Austrian cross-tourism year aims to reverse the negative trend and lay a foundation for long-term growth of mutual tourist traffic”, said the Russian Deputy Minister of Culture Alla Manilova.

The defined priority areas of the cooperation are mountain tourism, cultural, educational and event tourism, joint marketing activities, joint projects in the field of network infrastructure between small towns and villages.

The opening date of the Russian-Austrian cross-tourism year will be the 12 of January, 2017, at the largest tourist exhibition “Ferien - Messe Wien”, there will be a forum on cultural tourism, the negotiations in B2B format, and press conference. The closing event will be held in Russia in November 2017.

“I’m glad that Russia and Austria organized the cross-tourism year, because such activities, particularly in the tourism sector, positively affect on international relations, economy and personal opportunities of citizens of both countries. I am sure the cross-tourism year will contribute to the rapprochement of the two countries”, suggested the Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Austria Dmitry Lyublinsky.

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