"Ivan Krylov, a Mystery Man." A conference-conversation by Tatyana Soltanovskaya

On the occasion of the opening of the "Russian Seasons" in Belgium, Tatyana Soltanovskaya, graduate in philology and sciences, gave a conference at the Russian Centre in Brussels entitled: "Ivan Krylov - a mysterious man".

 During this conference, Soltanovskaya explained why, unlike all other Russian classical authors (if we consider as classical authors those whose works are included in the school curriculum), we know surprisingly little about Krylov.

 During the conference, she talked about the link between Krylov's life and Alexander Pushkin's novel "The Captain's Daughter". She also explained how insignificant the link between “education” and “culture” could be, but also how special Krylov's relations with the authorities were.

 Soltanovskaya also noted that Krylov is commonly called "grandfather" which shows the readers' love and respect for this great author.

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After the conference, Tatyana Soltanovskaya conducted a tour of the exhibition "Krylov. Fable". This exhibition celebrates the 250th anniversary of the writer. It provides information on the unusual life of the fabulist, on his contribution to the development of the Russian language. It also presents copies of illustrations of his fables from different eras and styles, as well as works produced in the technique of "spatial graphics".

 The exhibition will be held at the Russian Centre until February 25.

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