UK-Russia Year of Science and Education

UK-Russia year of science and education

2017 is marked as the UK-Russia year of science and education. This year’s program has to become a continuation of the success of previous ones: 2016’s year of language and literature and 2014’s UK-Russia culture year.

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Wide range of events are planned, aimed at involving youth into scientific activities and popularization of both countries’ science achievements. Students and schoolchildren are the target audience of this program.

One the most ambitious events will be “the week of science” – an event organized in order to increase collaboration between schools in UK and Russia. It will include discussions on astronautics, robotics, energetics, water resource management and engineering, related to the common theme – “the future”. The emphasis will be given to the role of modern technologies in shaping the future. Special site will provide access to materials gathered by Russian and British educational organizations in order to impress and inspire younger audience.

Next program “Researcher Links” will be aimed at young scientists. It will involve bilateral seminars for Russian and British scientists on relevant for both sides topics. More than 250 young scientists have participated in this program since 2013. Moreover, in February 2017, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the British Council are going to announce winners of the Researcher Links 2017, who will receive grants.

Researcher Links workshops will help Russian and British young scientists to maintain international ties and to increase the quality of their research. The work will focus on intransience cooperation. In July, the British Council and the RFBR will start a new round of applications. Three best projects will be selected after two independent evaluations.

A number of culture-entertaining events, exhibitions and book fairs, including Tereshkova exhibition in London’s Science Museum dedicated to her life and career after her famous flight, will be carried out.

The UK will also set various round tables on medicine, physics and other spheres in Russia. Following the success of Shakespeare train, the British Council decided to launch science train with quotes of British scientists and the description of their greatest achievements.

The other two important events will be the Total dictation and XVII NEW BRITISH FILM FESTIVAL, which will be both held in November.